2.0i 2013 Impreza

2013 2.0i Impreza Premium

Back in 2013 I wanted to get out of my ’91 Honda Accord and into a newer, reliable car. I have always wanted a Subaru Impreza but at the time the WRX was out of my budget.

After looking over the choices, I knew I wanted a hatchback or wagon to be able to carry my junk and have room for the dog. So began the search for the perfect automobile, the choices were basically between a Ford Focus and the base 2.0i Impreza.
Well, I got the Impreza, and of course, as an automotive enthusiast and builder, there is no way that the car was staying stock for long.

The first weekend after purchasing the car, it went straight to the tint shop, all seven rear windows were tinted. The two night of driving home after work was too much, the headlights were just too annoying, and after having the windows tinted in the Accord for years it made the rear windows on the Impreza feel like they were missing.

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Next, all the interior and license plate bulbs were replaced by LED

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Then I added some shocks to hold the hood up, this is one of my favoriteĀ upgrades so far, it is just so convenient and brings me a slight joy when I pop the hood.

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After that, the rear emblems were removed, haveing a PZEV emblem didn’t really make me feel too happy, so I took the fishing string to it.

I know it does not have a turbo, but it is a great commuter and the looks have grown on me. At the time I wanted a commuter that I could throw on the track from time to time and even lowered it (write-up to come), now my use of the car has changed and almost wished I had gone with the Crosstek. I also decided to go with the CVT as the main purpose of the car is commuting, but the CVT transmission is a lazy dog, should have gone with a manual transmission.

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