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Beltronics V8 Radar Detector

Modern day life has got us all running around like headless chickens; meeting here, pick this up there, run to the store, go see your great aunt Sally 40 miles down that way… We think you get the picture. We recommend using a Radar Detector…

Let’s face it, during our commutes we all tend to go a bit faster than the law permits. Of course, this also depends if your car allows you to speed; for example Air Cooled Volkswagen Beetles, most of those top off at 65-70 MPH. 

Research from the Purdue University in Lafayette Indiana has shown that two-thirds of motorists consistently speed.  Here is the Link, if interested, you can read up on it some more: ( No Respect For Speed Limits ). I’m not sure how many of us can afford a speeding ticket; ticket costs vary by State, City, County, etc.. An unexpected $150-$200 bill is not in our budget. Plus your insurance premiums will most definitely go up as well, expect to see an increase in insurance cost of 15 percent driving over 30 MPH, 12 percent for 15-29 MPH, and 11 percent for 1-14 MPH. Like we said not in our budget, especially if you’re driving a sports car.

True story, one of our good pals from San Jose, CA was on his way to school in Fremont, about 20 min away from his home. As he was driving in what appeared to be a herd of commuters all going approximately 70-75 MPH, a CHP pulled up and joined the herd. Driving along with the commuters for about 3 minutes, he finally decided to lay down the law on this group of law-breaking speeders, he did his eenie minnie miney mo and chose to pull over our friend. Yes, they were all going the same speed and the law says go with the flow of traffic, but they were also all speeding.

The point of the story, don’t get comfortable, stay aware, save yourself some money, you work hard for it!

Back to the original purpose of this post: With all the commuting we do in our vehicles to keep up with our busy day to day lives, we recommend you purchase one of these.

V8 Beltronics Radar Detector“What’s that?” you might ask, well, it’s a radar scanner. With this, you’ll have the upper hand on the boys in blue. You can anticipate their locations with this device.

By no means are we justifying speeding and breaking the law, but if you’re one of the two-thirds of motorists that simply can’t control your right foot, We suggest you consider the product.

V8 Beltronics Backside Radar Detector

This specific radar detector, the Beltronics V8 2010 model was bought at Best Buy for 199.99, yes they are a bit pricey, but that’s also the price of one speeding ticket.

This model comes with a carrying case, a cigarette lighter connector, a suction cup clip for windshield mounting, and very detailed well-made owners manual. Why do we say that? Beltronics took the time to describe in detail how Radar, Pop, and Laser bands work , they took the time to explain the characteristics of each band and the different scenarios you might encounter while using your V8. As a consumer, that really helped establish a sense of confidence and understanding of a new gadget.

The legality of a radar detector change depending on the use and weight of the vehicle, here is a link to verify your state: (Legal or Not?)

Our Experiences with this Model and Device: It works very well! There have been a quite a few times this device has saved us and alerted us from the Police Officers hiding behind bushes or under shadowy bridges trying to catch us in the act. I guess by now it’s obvious that we too are part of that two-thirds of motorist… The V8 also comes with a very convenient auto mute feature, the first 4 alerts are at a high-level tone to get your attention and the rest are at a low volume level so that it doesn’t get too annoying.

A great aspect of this radar detector is how easy it is to use. Apart from a few personalized settings its pretty much plug and play. Once installed, you rarely fiddle with it. It’ll just sit on your dashboard, saving you money day by day.

As you can see from the photos, this model has a large radar antenna opposite of the display screen, for clear detection from the front, and a small rear laser port to the right of the detector next to the suction cup, in case there is any radar or laser incoming from the rear.

Things you should know about your radar detector: What kind of radar does it detect? and how quickly? There are many different kinds of radar frequencies, K, Ka, X, POP, and Laser or Lidar.

A cheap radar detector will not pick up POP and Laser because they are outdated, POP and Laser are a fairly new way of speed detection. Make sure your radar detector also detects POP and Laser, very important. This specific model V8 beltronics response times are .400 sec, average for radar, and .125 sec for Laser.

One question we had initially with this product was, “Which bands mean what?” Ka-band means police officer with speed detector, K-band means speed trap, X-band means store automatic opening doors or house anti-burglary alarm- X is not only to detect automatic doors and alarms, it’s a more outdated type of radar that is not used as often by police officers – POP and Laser, mean police officer and should be taken very seriously, along with K, and Ka bands. The best way to get to know the bands and patterns of bands on your commute is to experience one of these detectors. You’ll start to remember where the detector usually goes off and what kinds of bands are along your commute.

Radar is an acronym for Radio Detection and Ranging, it is used to detect the range, altitude, speed, and direction of objects. The Radio transmitter shoots pulses of radar at an object, tiny amounts of radar then bounce off the object and return to an antenna or dish usually placed in the same area as the transmitter.

This brings us to our next point, the way and range your radar detector detects. From our experience it always works better in a broad open area, and when on a long straight away it can even detect radar up to a half mile away. On curvy roads it is sometimes inconsistent,  detecting when the radar source is right in front of you and sometimes detecting small amounts of radar and increasing as they get closer. The specific model we own has an indicator that shows the strength of the radar, similar to cell phone reception bars, thus helping you gauge how close you are to the source.

Stay safe, stay aware, protect your hard earned money!

Questions, Comments, Concerns, post below!

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