The Dango Wallet

Dango Wallet

Every once and a while we come across such a great and unique product that we have to share with the people around us. This time around we stumbled upon the Dango Wallet.

Dango Products ran a very successful Kickstarter campaign and and raised over 360K! for the two variants of the Dango Wallet, the D01 Dapper (shown in the picture above) and the T01 Tactical Wallet (shown in the picture below).

T01 Tactical

As you can see these wallets are BADASS! and they don’t just look great, they have multiple functions. The D01 Dapper Dango Wallet, can be used as a bottle opener (can never have too many), a glass breaker in case of an emergency situation, and they are RFID secured.

The T01 Tactical Dango Wallet is more versatile with its included multi-tool which is integrated right into the overall design to work together seamlessly.

Dango Wallet

Multi-tool functions include but are not limited to:

  1. Rope Tensioner
  2. Sharp Serrated Knife
  3. Hex Wrench
  4. Bottle Opener
  5. Ruler
  6. Nail Pryer
  7. Flat Head
  8. Grip Handle
  9. Secure Strap
  10. Phone Stand

From the looks of it, this wallet is for the do-it-yourselfer, hands on, adventurous person ready for any situation!

Dango Wallet

Another great aspect of these wallets is that they are Made In The USA, bay area to be exact, quality is guaranteed.

The  chassis of the wallet is made of CNC machined 6061 aerospace grade aluminum, the front material is made of either Premium Leather for the D01 Dapper  and optional Raw Hide for the T01 Tactical. There are 3 color variants for the leather: Jet black, Whiskey Brown, and Rawhide.

It easily fits in your pocket at roughly 2″ x 4″ and can fit up to 12 business or credit cards. The paracord/lanyard is optional, but highly recommended, it makes taking the wallet out of your pocket easier and quicker.

Apart from making an awesome product these guys are fellow enthusiasts, they were featured in the DuPont Registry December Edition – lets go show them our support!


Tag your Dango wallet pictures with #dangolifestyles. My 9-5 is as a machinist, hence the picture of my personal wallet with the set of calipers by them :).

Dango Products is in the EDC (everyday carry) business, finding simple solutions for everyday issues. Check out the rest of their products.

The info above is just barely scratching the surface check out there website and kickstarter for videos and full product details.


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