Exotics On Cannery Row – 2017



This year for Monterey Car Week, I decided that I would check out Exotics On Cannery Row. Past Years I’ve spent my Monterey Car weekends at The Rolex Motorsports Reunion. When I heard they were going to have a few Paganis on Cannery Row, I had to be there.

One of the great things about attending any event during Monterey car week is, the whole city and anywhere within a 10-mile radius is swarming with awesome cars; Not to mention the magnificent oceanside drive along Hwy 1.

Parking was easy to find and within a block of the event. From the top of the parking complex, you can hear the music and see the large crowds on Cannery Row, a sure sign that the event was popping. The event ran from 3PM-9PM.


Once on Cannery Row, we were greeted by other equally excited petrol heads. The whole street was closed off and lined with some very unique cars, many of which I’ve seen before, others I couldn’t even name…

The green car to the left of this little dude was actually a green Aventador XD.

hot girl

A few minutes after we got to the event the stars of the show started to show up, that gave us an opportunity to take close up shots as the cars drove in.

I thought new Ford GT looked good in blue, but it wears red very well.

Ferrari F50

As I had mentioned before on our IG account, it was when the hyper cars were arriving and leaving that the event felt most alive. the drivers would rev their engines, and the crowds swarmed to the streets to catch an up close view of the “monumentally magnificent hyper cars”. Loads of fun, adrenaline, and excitement!

After all was said and done the cars parked in their designated areas, so we could admire them.


I was pleasantly surprised by the F50’s. My childhood favorite.


The Bugatti Chiron was not as good looking as some pictures online make it seem, I prefer the styling and design of the Veyron.

At times it was very difficult to truly admire the cars, due to the event being so crowded, EOCR staff mentioned on their IG that this year was their biggest turnout.

Once you’ve had a chance to check out the cars and you’ve had your fill, you still have all of Cannery Row to check out! There are many shops with small knick knacks and souvenirs and plenty of good food and drinks. Our usual grub spot is “Bubba Gumps” its the typical tourist attraction, but damn is the food good!

Although, this time we decided to try something new.

Typically you’ll need reservations for LALLA Oceanside Grill, but thanks to the event, anyone could walk in and ask to be seated.

The food was good, the ambiance was pleasant, and the view was wonderful.

jack and coke

Once our bellies were full and our thirst quenched, it was time for the best part of the show.

Seeing many of these cars was a first for me. In attendance were some of the most ludacris, rare, and expensive cars money could buy. That along with the energy excitement of the crowds and drivers made this one of the best auto events we have been to. We will be back next year!











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