Quick Stop at Solvang CA

Solvang Socal

Part of what we love to do as the “The Rolling Gents” is explore and see new places, so when we heard that there was a Danish Village just off of hwy 101 we knew we had to go. The idea of seeing some very different Danish architecture in CA tickled our fancy. We were there for about 2 hours and took plenty of pics for you guys to see. check it out.

Solvang CA

When we first arrived we immediately noticed it was fairly packed on a Saturday afternoon, its definitely a popular tourist attraction. There’s plenty of free parking though. Solvang is made up of many small souvenir shops, restaurants, wine bars, hotels, and cafe’s with a Danish flavor. We didn’t see many homes on the way in from the hwy, it is a very rural area right outside of downtown, plenty of farms and vineyards. Its a great place to stop to relax after a long drive.

Solvang Ca

Solvang CA


I wanted to take a picture of every single sign in sight :D, they all looked like art…and something you’d see in a viking movie.


Solvang CA

Solvang CA

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from inside the Solvang shops, 90% of them had “No Photography of any kind” signs.

Our favorite part was seeing all the different souvenirs. They were not your typical leather goods or the ” I <3 Solvang ” stuff, they had authentic Coo Coo Clocks, German beer mugs, Danish style jewelry, and stores full of interesting knick knacks.


Solvang CA


Solvang CA


Thanks for checking out the post, here is a link to their Official Solvang website, and the google location.

Keep on rolling guys and gals!

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