Sports Cars To Expect In the Next Few Years

Getting Ready for Track
Getting Ready for Track

We are so lucky! seems like we are in right spank in the middle of a car manufacturers war, and they are battling for our loyalty and hard-earned cash, too. All of them trying to out-do one another, through their sports cars and daily drivers: more HP here, add a turbo there, lighten the chassis on that one, more gadgets on all of them. Here a list of some of the cars you can be expecting within the next year or two, while some are rumors others confirmed.

It seems the start of this sports cars “war” approximately with the release of the Dodge Challenger coming out in late 2008, soon after, the 2009 Chevy Camaro was released, that prompted Ford to turn the Knob to 11 releasing their new mustang in 2015. That same year in 2008 the GTR R35 was released which most likely got the team at Toyota raising their eyebrows, therefore feeling the pressure of putting out a Supra Successor? Not long after, in 2012 Mazda discontinued the Speed3, as a result Ford picked up with the Focus ST in 2013. That same year, 2013 the Toyoburu twins joined the scene, Which then got Mazda and Honda intrigued, prompting the 5th gen Miata, and the new Civics which want to get their tuner fan base back due to their previous lackluster gens. Subaru discontinued the hatchback STI and WRX so Ford answered with the 2017 hatchback AWD RS to pick up on AWD hatchback crowd. Also Dodges insane releases of their Hellcat line. And of course, we can’t forget of the Most Epic Battle of them all…The Porsche 918 spyder Vs. Mclaren P1 Vs. Ferrari La Ferrari. It’s a beautiful thing we are witnessing. We’re sure we forgot to mention some other major event in there, but you get the picture.
Silicon Valley Auto Show
Silicon Valley Auto Show
Here a short list of some of the sports cars you can expect to see in the upcoming years.
Ford Focus RS 2017
Ford GT 2017
Camaro SS/V6 1LE/ZL1 late 2016
Fiat Spyder 124
Corvette Grand Sport 2017
Nissan GTR 2017
Honda Civic Type R 2017
Audi R8 2017
Infiniti Q60 2017
Mazda Speed3 2017
Bugatti Chiron 2017
Dodge Dart SRT-4 2017-2018
Honda Civic Si 2017
Honda CR-Z 2017
Hyundai Genesis N-tune 2017
Toyota SF-R 2018
Toyota FT-1 2018
Mazda RX-9 2018-2019
Subaru BRZ STI 2017-2018
BMW M5 2017
Corvette Zora ZR-1 2017
Code named “Baby NSX” AKA Honda S2000 successor 2018-2019
Silicon Valley Auto Show Sports Cars
Silicon Valley Auto Show
Thanks for reading, if you know of any rumored cars, or confirmed cars coming in the next few years comment below. Let us know which one is your favorite. We personally can’t wait for the FT-1 and the Corvette Zora ZR-1 which is said to be mid-engine. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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