The FWD Chassis – Video Compilation

FF Chassis

A while ago I saw a video by Motor Trend on the 2016 Super Street FF battle. On the video, it shows highlights of tuners hard work coming to light on track, as well as the struggles they face with the FWD chassis. I myself have owned RWD since the dawn of time, and although I haven’t owned an FWD car, I have mad respect for the owners that make them work the way they do on track and street.

First, let’s get this out of the way: FF – Front engine Front wheel drive – FWD – Front wheel drive

In Europe, they are way more popular amongst enthusiasts, one of the main reasons that Ford was keeping their RS line out there and not in the US. Some people just don’t dig FWD, but they are a force to be reckoned with.

There are a few pros and cons to the FWD chassis but, we’ll just name the Pros since we want to show it some love.

1.) Better grip in rain and snow – The weight of the engine and tranny in the front help the front tires grip better.

2.) They’re cheaper to buy and maintain.

3.) More space for passengers and in the trunk – RWD and AWD cars have a transmission tunnel going through the center of the interior leaving less space for passengers. The diff in the rear of RWD and AWD leaves less space for anything in the trunk, no rear diff means FWD doesn’t deal with this issue.

4.) Lightweight – Since the FWD chassis doesn’t have many components that AWD and RWD cars have in the rear (diff, driveshaft, axles) they’re much lighter.

Here is a compilation of the best videos we have seen showing the power of the FWD chassis! Definitely Honda bias, they do have the Nurburgring production FWD record though.


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