Third Person Drifting with a Mini-quad

We normally stick to automotive events, meets, and rides but also one of our big hobbies is mini-quads, or racing drones. When we saw that Rotor Riot and Redbull had a collaboration going on we knew it would be epic!

We have noticed that there hasn’t been much mixing of mini-quads and autosports, and we always knew it was inevitable. This is what we have always wanted, we have even tried a few car and mini-quad things ourselves, usually following a car with a multirotor while being a passenger or just doing some loops around our own cars, but nothing as intense as this.

In this video we see Tommy Tibajia [UmmaGawd] ( piloting his mini-quad while Alex ( drifts his car while only being able to see from a third person view that Tommy is providing through the camera on the mini-quad. This is pretty insane and as you can see in the video it is really hard to do. The agility and perspective of a mini-quad is unlike anything out there. Sure there are many self-capable and easy to use drones out on the market like the DJI Mavric, but nothing compares to a manually controlled mini-quad in the right hands.

This is what you see out of a mini-quad, the quality isn’t that great but the important thing is that the camera does not freeze or go blue when you have static, which is why we use mostly security cameras. We can’t imagine how hard it was for Tommy to keep his hands on the sticks when being tossed back and forth from the drifting.

Check out the Rotor Riot video for a behind-the-scenes look at how they pulled all this off

Also, make sure to check out the final product! We are glad FPV mini-quads are finally getting the attention they deserve.

Here are some other great mini-quad and sports mixing it up!

Mr.Steele and BMW


Team Blacksheep and NINE KNIGHTS MTB


Mr.Steele and his buddy Aaron

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