Armattan 258 Tricopter Build – Test Fit

With all the parts here now, the build can get on its way. The first thing I want to do before soldering anything is test out the Flight Controller board, I connected it to my laptop and updated the firmware, then I did a test run through the setup and calibrated the level and made sure the settings could be saved to the board. It works perfectly so far! Now I test fit all the parts and I am trying to figure out where everything is going to fit on this tiny frame.

I placed an item on top of the flight controller to make sure it stayed level, the USB cable was lifting it up on its side

It came with a power distribution board already on it, so I might as well use it instead of my mini PDB, this way I’ll have plenty of room for add-ons later on.

The flight controller needs to be mounted as directly onto the frame as possible so the gyros do not get confused, and the board needs to be in the center of the motors, so it is easier to know when the frame is at a tilt.

I placed some small standoffs around the flight controller and mounted the PDB above it, then added some threaded standoffs and placed the top cover over that.

This seems to be a good enough setup and will most likely be keeping it this way.

Next was mounting the rear motor, the central pin for the tilting plate was hitting the motor’s shaft, I used one of the mounting plates that came with the motors as a spacer and luckily I had some screws that were the right length to mount it. Add some Loctite and that baby isn’t going anywhere.

Up next was the servo, it did not fit properly the way the tail was mounted so I removed it and mounted the tail above the plate. Now the servo could sit flush.

I had to cut some of the tabs on the servo body to fit in the hole, and I removed the wires from the connector to be able to pass down the frame, then reattached the connector. The original plate and screws to hold the servo do not fit around the servo body so I used some standoffs and will need to make my own top plate. I may need to turn the rear motor a bit because the cable will be hitting the servo.

Next step will be to solder some bullet connectors onto the motors and figure out their direction. The direction is changed by reconnecting one of the three wires from the ESC to the motors. Here is an image of the direction the motors need to spin in order to fly.

Then I just need to squeeze in the ESC’s, probably between the two main frame plates, I might need to get larger spacers and screws for them to fit there. This tricopter should be air born by the weekend!

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