Visualizing Your Build

NC Miata

As a Machinist, I myself am a builder, I work with plenty of people that are also builders. There is one thing that we can all agree on: in order to successfully complete a part, in this case, a build/ project, you need to visualise it to completion.

I’m a visual person, many times I need to put my ideas on paper in order to properly piece together an idea. If I don’t, new and different ideas get jumbled and mixed together in my head and the end result will not be what I wanted. It’ll turn out to be a like a Frankenstein of all my ideas, instead of one cohesive build.

There are many tools to help you visualise and but together your build before its complete. With these tools, you can have an idea of what your vision will look like before its physically complete.

There are programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, 3D modelling software’s, Fusion 360, Autodesk/ Auto CAD, things like that. Many times these programs can be very expensive and take months or years to learn how to use them efficiently.

Bernes Alps

So let’s go to our second best option…….. Video Games!! That’s right, I’m talking Forza Motorsports, Forza Horizon, Grand Turismo, Need For Speed, you name it.

Every single one of the above options gives you the ability to modify your car in many different ways. If your specific model car is in the game it can be done. This way you can see a physical representation of your build before you dish out the cash. Many ideas may seem great in your head but, may turn out completely different in reality.

Apart from the looks of the build, you can also modify the mechanicals of the car, and get an idea of what kind of power gains or handling characteristics you’ll get from certain modifications. Forza Motorsports and Grand Turismo are both simulation racing games. I have no idea what kind of data/ metrics they use to determine the results of modifications, but again it can give you a rough idea.


As you can see, I’m part of the Xbone gang and roll with Forza.

Forza, Grand Turismo, and Need For Speed all have a photo mode. Forza I know for sure gives you the ability to download photos online at

After you’re satisfied with your build go on a photo shoot and download the pics for future reference. You may change ideas a few times before you get some results you’re looking for, And that’s the beauty of it, the possibilities are endless. AND it won’t cost you money to change up your idea.


As for me I just picked myself up an NC Miata, so the brainstorming has already begun. You know how it is.

I needed me a daily (that I could also take to the track) for my 60-mile commute, had to be good on gas, fun, and cheap, so this was my best bet. The 0-60 is 6.1s, the handling is insanely responsive, and one of the better looking MX-5’s IMO.

So far on the list for Mods:

1.) Exhaust ( I’ve read the Cats go out on these often, better get rid of them ;))

2.) Roll Bar

3.) Coilovers

4.) Front Lip

5.) Front Canards

6.) Adjustable Duck Tail Spoiler

7.) 17 x 8″ Enkei RPF1

8.) Nexen Tires

9.) Stainless Steel Brake Lines

10.) Mild Tune

In case you’re a fellow Miata owner, here are the 3 best websites I’ve found for parts:

1.) Carbon Miata

2.)Flyin’ Miata

3.) Goodwin Racing

Here is one more pic, just cause it’s possible in video games 😀



Good luck with your build! Let us know what you think or if you know better ways to visualise the end result of your build.





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